Richmondshire District Council

The council structure involves a single policy committee, called the Corporate Board, that has 11 councillors.

Each political group is allocated a number of places on the board, based on its size.

Board members work collectively in making decisions, meaning no councillor has any individual decision-making powers outside the board.

The Full Council is responsible for the overall policy framework and budget. Councillors not on the board play a crucial role in scrutinising and monitoring its decisions, through the overview and scrutiny committees.

Other committees are:

  • Audit, Governance and Standards
  • Licensing
  • Planning

Every meeting of the Council and its committees, including the Corporate Board, is open to the press and public. You can submit a question by completing our 'submit a public statement' online form.

Submit a public statement

Public questions and statements must be received by the democratic services team by 9.30am on the day of the meeting. 

Schedule of meetings

Please see our events calendar for a schedule of meetings.

The agenda and reports can be inspected five clear days before the meeting.

A to Z of Services