Richmondshire District Council

Central Area Partnership meeting minutes

Thursday 17 December 2020 - via Zoom 


  • Cllr Clive World - Chair and Richmondshire District Council
  • Cllr Paul Spencer - Richmondshire District Council
  • Justin Barnes - Catterick Boxing Club
  • Cllr Philip Wickes - Richmondshire District Council
  • Sue White - Richmondshire District Council
  • Jennifer Capewell - Richmond Bowls Club
  • John Capewell - Richmond Bowls Club
  • Vickie Raven - Scorton Parish Council
  • Cllr Ian Threlfall - Richmondshire District Council
  • Cllr Leslie Rowe - Richmondshire District Council
  • Cllr Lorraine Hodgson - Richmondshire District Council
  • Michael Grayson - North Yorkshire County Council
  • Valerie Adams - Richmondshire District Council
  • Marcia McLuckie - Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association
  • Edwina Anderson - North Yorkshire Youth
  • Ruth Dyble - Census 2021
  • Austin Gordon - Richmondshire Leisure Trust
  • Jo-Anne Scott - Richmondshire District Council

Welcome and introduction

Cllr Clive World, the Chair of the Central Area Partnership, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from Cllr Carl Les, Judith Bromfield and Dennis Graves.

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising.

Mobile phone coverage

An update on the current mobile phone infrastructure project across the Central Area was provided by Michael Grayson.

Key points from the discussion were:

  • The £1 million bid to LEP did not take place as they were unable to get mobile providers interested in delivering the project 
  • Shared Rural Network - mobile providers and the Government's £1 billion project running up to 2025-2026 with 92 percent coverage
  • Identified potential 'not spots' across the country which will use emergency services masts in rural areas

2021 Census

Ruth Dyble will be writing to all Parish and Town Councils to make them aware of the ten year Census which will take place in 2021. The team are particularly keen in accessing those hard to reach members of the community (veterans, migrant workers, the elderly and non digitally active).

The new Census will include a question about being a veteran. They are anticipating 70 percent completion of the Census online. Information will be available in different languages.

Data is protected for 100 years.

Central community Coronavirus support

An update on the work of the Community Support Organisation (CSO) for the area at the Bridge in Catterick was provided. The CSO works closely with the Mutual Aid Groups that have been established in the areas to respond to local need. They co-ordinate support including shopping, prescriptions, befriending, welfare checks, hospital and doctor appointments.

At the start of the pandemic, the CSO were receiving an average of 70 calls for help per week. This has now reduced to 20 per week. Many people are using the support services and networks set up on a regular basis and it has become part of 'normal day to day life.' The team are constantly scanning social media and other community news to find any vulnerable people that may need support.

The Bridge has re-opened its doors on 30 November and is glad to see service users back.

Introduction to the council's Climate Change Officer

Valerie Adams introduced her role and the work she will be doing to reduce to zero carbon by 2023. Valerie will be working to support the Council and our communities with the delivery of the Climate Change Action Plan. 

Valerie will be engaging with local communities and will set up a Climate Change Partnership.

Area Partnership funding 2021

Central Area partnership organisation Project Amount awarded £ Total project cost £

Richmondshire Rugby Union
Football Club

Schools coaching project £815.40 £1,087.20
Richmondshire Leisure Trust Weight's room equipment £692.25 £923.00
Brompton on Swale Methodist Church Community garden £729.00 £972.01
Richmond Bowls Club Dementia friendly equipment £388.71 £518.28
Scorton Parish Council Streetlight £1,000.00 £1,456.00
Richmondshire Landscape Trust Accessible gates £1,000.00 £1,800.00
Hambleton Community Action Mopeds £1,000.00 £1,441.00
Box Clever Boxing skills £800.00 £3,200.00
RBTA Original Richmond in Bloom £1,000.00 £4,700.00
Underspend application: Richmond Ramblers     £970.00
Underspend application: Richmondshire Cricket Club Landscaping   £1,515.28
Total   £7,425.36 £17,067.49

Election of Chair and Vice Chair for 2020-21

Due to inconsistent meetings due to Covid-19 it was agreed that the election should be postponed until the next financial year.

Date of next meeting

The next Central Area Partnership meeting will take place on Wednesday 3 March 2021 at 4pm via Zoom.

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