Richmondshire District Council

Prevent is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy.

It aims to stop people from becoming involved in or supporting terrorism. 

As a local council, we have to have “due regard” to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

The Safer Richmondshire Hub manages a Counter Terrorism Local Profile (CTLP) which helps to assess the terrorism or extremism risk.

Everyone has a part to play in helping to tackle the terrorist and domestic extremist threat we face.

Even the smallest piece of information could be crucial in helping police stop terrorist or extremist activity.

Report your suspicions

If you see or hear anything that causes concern, makes you feel uneasy or seems out of the ordinary, you can report any concerns in confidence via the Government's Action Counters Terrorism website.  This could be anything from a conversation you overhear to suspiciously parked vehicles.

If you believe there's an immediate threat to life, you should ring 999. 

While the general UK threat level is severe, the probability of being caught up in a firearms or weapons attack is very, very small. 

But if you do get caught up in an incident, the Government advises you to:

  • Run
  • Hide
  • Tell

More about what to do, including a Stay Safe information film from police, is available from the website

More general information is available from the North Yorkshire Partnerships website

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