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Event safety information for event organisers

If you are planning an event we advise you to contact the Richmondshire Safety Advisory Group (SAG). This group consists of officers from Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the North Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

The purpose of the group is to provide a single point of contact for event organisers who they can turn to to discuss public safety issues relating to an event and provide relevant advice.

The group has no legal powers. As an advisory group it cannot give consent or approval for an event to take place, but will advise the event organiser on public safety issues which may need to be addressed.

When should you contact SAG?

You should contact SAG if any of the following apply to your event:

  • it is held outdoors with large crowds, i.e. public entertainment, large number of vehicle movements, fireworks or a bonfire, festivals.
  • it is a major sporting event - first time or routine sporting fixtures
  • it is an indoor event with large crowds of a particular type, popular music events, political or religious gatherings
  • it is a march or parade, cycling or running event
  • it is a street party
  • it is a community fete


You should complete an events notification form to inform SAG of your planned event.

This form needs to be submitted at least eight weeks before your event takes place to give the group time to consider the information and provide you with the relevant advice. Event organisers should be aware that certain permissions may be required if, for example, you intend to sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment, or if your event requires road closures. In these situations different lead in times will apply.

If you are uncertain if your event requires a SAG notification you can contact us at

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