Richmondshire District Council

Types of graves available

There are two types of grave spaces available to buy in our active cemeteries:

  • Grave space to accommodate two coffin burials
  • Grave space to accommodate two ashes burials

Grave spaces are sold as double plots as standard.

The scattering of ashes is not allowed. The ashes do not remain sacred due to weather conditions and cemetery maintenance.

Buying a grave space 

We appreciate that during what is a difficult time, you have important decisions to make about the cemetery and grave you want for your loved ones. 

Your funeral director will liaise with the council to make sure that all your needs are met and will also assist with buying a grave space. For further information please email

If you wish to buy in advance a grave space within one of our active cemeteries, please contact us via email at We can discuss all the available options with you.


The grave space fees are:

  • for a coffin burial: £728
  • for an ashes burial: £214


Erection of memorials

Memorials are important as a lasting symbol of remembrance. We offer advice and assistance to ensure all memorials meet cemetery regulations.

If you wish to erect a memorial at one of our active cemeteries, you must contact a memorial mason first. The memorial mason will then contact the council with a ‘memorial application’ outlining your request. If you require any assistance with this please contact us via email at 

Please note that the grave space must be purchased and the memorial mason you choose to carry out the work must register with the council. This registration makes sure that the memorial mason holds the relevant qualifications and insurances.

All memorials must be approved by the council before they are erected. Please contact us for advice before any memorial work is commissioned.

You will need to wait 12 months after a coffin burial has taken place before a memorial can be erected. Memorials for an ashes grave space can be erected immediately after a burial.

Size restrictions 

There are rules and regulations that apply to the size of memorials that are allowed. View the Rules and Regulations Governing Memorials document for details. 


Headstone (up to 1 metre in height): £285

Vase (up to 18 inches): £104                                                              

Tablet (up to 18 inches): £104                                                                

Please note that kerbs, concrete landings and surrounds are not allowed.

Repairs to memorials 

It is the responsibility of the owner of the grave to arrange for any repairs to the memorial.

Council officers carry out routine safety inspections of memorial stones, any deemed unsafe or unstable will be laid down to avoid further damage to the memorial and visitors.

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