Richmondshire District Council

We appreciate that, during what is a difficult time, you have important decisions to make about the cemetery and grave you want for the funeral.

This information aims to help you make the right decision for you.

Types of grave available

Lawn graves: This is laid to lawn, level with the ground with no kerbs and has no mounds or surrounds. A headstone and vase can be added. The grave owner is responsible for looking after the area around the headstone. In front of the headstone is a planting out area. The area in front of the headstone and garden space is levelled, turfed and maintained by us. 

Lawn grave with kerb surround: We allow kerbs around graves in the lawn section, as long as the owner signs an agreement to be responsible for management of the grave, kerbed surround and at least 50cm around it. This helps us with the overall maintenance of the cemetery, which is more difficult with the kerbed surrounds.

Traditional graves: These have a concrete landing over the entire grave and can house a memorial, which must be securely fixed to the landing.


Memorials are important as a lasting symbol of remembrance. We offer technical advice and help to make sure all memorials meet cemetery regulations.

Fees for Richmond, Wensley and Grinton cemeteries

Richmond interment fees are doubled if interment takes place outside 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. The interment fees for all three cemeteries are doubled when the person interred didn't live in Richmondshire immediately before death. Exceptions apply if the person lived in the district for more than half their life, or have a spouse or close family member already interred in one of the three cemeteries.

Interments at Wensley cemetery are undertaken by the funeral director. The fee charged by us only covers the administration costs of the process.


A stillborn child, or child under one month: £29

Child under 12: £104

Anyone over 12: £790

Cremated remains: £202

Purchase of exclusive burial right

Earthen grave: £690

Stillborn child: £202

Cremated remains: £202


Flat stone (under one metre): £272

Headstone, cross or foot-stone (maximum one metre in height): £272

Vase (under 500mm in height): £99

Search fee: £47


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