Richmondshire District Council

Regeneration proposal

Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are currently developing a proposal for the regeneration of Catterick Garrison town centre. Current thinking identifies opportunities to develop empty land on Shute Road and the neighbouring park area which will drive further investment into the local area. 

The Richmondshire Local Plan identifies Shute Road for redevelopment to provide extra retail and business development, as well as providing community facilities, general communal space, improved pedestrian access between each area and improve the neighbouring park area.

A jointly funded town centre study carried out by the Local Enterprise Partnership, Richmondshire District Council and the MOD has highlighted the following priorities as a basis for the town centre:

  • improving the physical environment of the town centre by introducing a town community square
  • landscaping improvements
  • improving access through an eco-friendly infrastructure which would include new and upgraded pedestrian and cycle links

The proposed development would open up access to Shute Road, create a new civic square and community building which leads into improved park and wooded green spaces.

The new community building aims to provide food and drink establishments with additional space for community use and rented office space. 

View the town centre plans

Full details of the proposed development can be viewed by downloading the Catterick Garrison town centre consultation document.

Information about the Catterick Garrison town centre proposal has also been on display in Catterick Community Library up to Saturday 18 June.

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