Richmondshire District Council

Catterick Garrison town centre to be transformed

Following a bid to the Levelling Up Fund by the district council, North Yorkshire County Council and the MOD in 2022, central government have now awarded £19 million to develop Catterick town centre and improve the surrounding land around Shute Road. 

The funding will be used to:

  • provide more community facilities and space
  • improve pedestrian access
  • deliver extra retail and commercial premises
  • drive further investment into the area

Further details about the proposed changes to the area can be viewed in the Catterick Garrison town centre regeneration levelling up bid document. In summary these changes include:

  • a new town square
  • landscaping improvements – including upgrading Coronation Park and Shute Road by providing enhanced play/active spaces and enhanced accessibility routes linking into the existing town centre
  • enhance key footpaths and cycle ways through Coronation Park and on the approach to the town centre
  • a new community and enterprise facility with glass pavilion and outdoor seating area


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