Richmondshire District Council

Can the placement be longer than six months?

The funding for the salary will be for a maximum of six months. If you wish to continue employing the young person after the six month period, you can do so but would need to do this at your own cost.

What are the National Minimum Wage rates?

For each Kickstart job, the Government will cover the cost of 25 hours work a week at the National Minimum Wage. Current minimum wage rates are:

  • Under 18s - £4.55
  • Aged 18-20 - £6.45
  • Aged 21-24 - £8.20

Employers will also be able to top up that payment if they wish.

Does an employer need to provide full time roles after the 6 month job placement?

The Kickstart scheme is a six month job placement scheme. Employers are not expected to provide employment at the end of the scheme. Obviously, if employers wish to employ them at the end of the scheme or have vacancies that the young person wishes to apply for, that is the employer's choice.

What happens if there are issues with the young person’s performance, attendance or discipline?

In the first instance, employers are encouraged to address issues with the young person to see if they can support them to improve. The young person is an employee, so employers can apply relevant HR policies and procedures.

If there are still issues, each young person will have a work coach from the Job Centre. An employer or intermediary will have the contact details for the work coach and can raise any concerns. The work coach can address such issues and warn young people that the placement may end if the issues continue.

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