Richmondshire District Council

RTC North funded support programmes

Business support organisation, RTC North is offering businesses in the Richmondshire area fully funded support via their Innovate 2 Succeed and Enterprise Europe programmes.

Innovate 2 Succeed

This programme offers the fully funded services of the RTC North team to help businesses with all the challenges around innovation, whether that's design, intellectual property, assistance with raising funds, finding new suppliers or new customers.

Enterprise Europe Network

This offers local businesses a fully funded way to explore international market opportunities – many businesses are aware of the opportunities in international markets, but often the challenge is where to start and which countries to approach first. The Enterprise Europe Network is designed to help solve that problem.

The RTC North team also have a limited number of grants available to help businesses explore the intellectual property potential behind new product or service ideas. For further details please contact the team via the RTC North website, or email David Boath, RTC’s Innovation Specialist for North Yorkshire, at

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