Richmondshire District Council

Green bin: garden waste

Garden waste is only collected from subscribing households and a valid licence must be attached to the bin. Click on the link to subscribe to the garden waste service.

If you don't want to sign up to the scheme, you can compost your garden waste at home or take your waste to the tip.

✔ Yes...

✘ No...

✔ Grass Cuttings

✘ Stones and soil

✔ Clippings

✘ Turf

✔ Leaves

✘ Peelings and food waste

✔ Hedge clippings

✘ Ash

✔ Cut flowers

✘ Cat and dog waste

✔ Plants and weeds


✔ Windfalls


✔ Bark


✔ Small pet bedding


Please do not overfill your bin: If it is too heavy to move, it will be too heavy for the bin lift
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