Richmondshire District Council

Composting at home

Home composting is an easy way to cut your household waste and produce compost for free.

Composting can be done in either a bin or a traditional heap.

Compost bins are available to buy in two sizes: 

  • 220 litre bin for £12 plus £6.99 delivery per order
  • 330 litre bin for £15 plus £6.99 delivery per order

There is also a buy one get one half price offer. For more information on composting and to buy a compost bin visit the get composting website.

Composting advice

The York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership home composting page contains lots of great ideas and advice. 

Help with composting 

North Yorkshire County Council's team of volunteer master composters, called the Rotters, can help if you want to know more about composting or are experiencing problems with your compost.

Reduce your food waste even further

Normal compost bins can only take fruit and vegetable peelings from your kitchen. However, there are specialised bins to deal with cooked food waste which, when combined with home composting, could eliminate food waste from your rubbish altogether. To find out further information and how to purchase low-cost compost bins, visit the food composting page

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