Richmondshire District Council

The service will run from 25 February to 29th November 2019, with one additional collection in January 2020 for Christmas trees and garden waste.

Please read the terms and conditions before paying. 

New subscribers can subscribe online in the same way as existing subscribers.

What happens after you subscribe?

After you've paid, you'll receive a confirmation letter and a licence sticker for each bin. Contact us if you don't receive your licence sticker within 21 days of making your payment. 

The sticker confirms that you have paid for one green garden bin to be emptied during the period stated on the sticker. The old sticker should be removed and the new sticker must be affixed to your green garden bin in order for it to be emptied.

Sticker instructions

  • The sticker should be affixed to your green garden bin as soon as you receive it
  • Stick it on the back of your bin (the handle side)
  • The surface of the bin must be clean and dry before applying the sticker

Please read our frequently asked questions page for further information on our garden waste collection service.

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