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Garden waste service frequently asked questions

The garden waste collection service is a discretionary service provided by Richmondshire District Council. All residents are given the choice to subscribe to the fortnightly service. The cost for this service for 2023/24 is £26.50 for the first bin and £18 for each additional bin.

The service will run from 20 February 2023 until 24 November 2023. There will also be an additional collection in January 2024 for Christmas trees and garden waste - this collection will need to be pre-booked in December 2023. Only those subscribers who have pre-booked will receive this collection. 

Households can join the scheme at any time during the year. However to ensure you receive a garden waste collection from 20 February subscriptions must be made in early February.

Once payment has been made, each household will receive a confirmation letter and a licence sticker for each bin. The old sticker should be removed and the new sticker should be fixed to your green bin as soon as possible. This will tell the collection crew that you have paid for the service. The sticker must be placed on the back of the bin, on the handle side. The surface of the bin must be clean and dry before applying it.

The licence should be with you within 21 days of making payment. Only your address, collection day, and the expiry date will appear on the licence. A licence is needed for each bin presented for collection. If there is no valid licence sticker on your bin, it will not be emptied. If you do not receive your licence within 21 days of making payment please contact us on 01748 829100. 

What are the subscription charges?

The subscription charges for the garden waste collection service are £26.50 for the first bin and £18 for each extra bin.

Why are the charges not included in my council tax?

Collecting garden waste is not a service that any council has to provide. Under current legislation (Controlled Waste Regulations 2012) if a council chooses to offer the service it can make a charge to residents who wish to use the scheme to cover its costs. Richmondshire’s charge will help maintain the service, allowing it to become self-financing at a time when the council is faced with finding significant savings as a result of reductions in funding. 

What happens if I move house?

The garden waste licence is only valid for the property for which it was originally bought for. It cannot be transferred. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund if you move within or outside the district, or to a property where you no longer require the garden waste service. However, you may leave your licence for the new occupants if there is any term remaining. 

Are there any exemptions or concessions?

There are no exemptions or concessions for those in receipt of benefits or over 60 years of age.

Can I continue to receive an assisted collection?

If you currently receive assisted collections due to ill health, disability or infirmity, you will continue to receive assistance once you have joined the scheme. You are still required to join the scheme and display a valid licence on your bin.

Can I put kitchen waste in my garden waste bin?

Kitchen waste must not be put into the garden waste bin. This is a legal restriction introduced after the foot and mouth and BSE crisis to prevent the spread of bacteria. Meat, fish and dairy products can be placed in your grey household waste bin.

Can I continue to use compostable bags?

If you subscribe to the scheme, excess garden waste can be placed in compostable bags which are available to purchase from the council and will be collected with your bin. These can be bought from Mercury House, Richmond or one of the council’s Community Offices at a cost of £6.36 per 20 bags. Only bags provided by the council will be collected as they conform to the specification required by our contractor.

These bags do have a limited shelf life, so they should be used within a year or two of purchasing them. To prolong the bag's shelf life we advise that the bags are stored away in a dry place out of direct sunlight, that they are not filled too far in advance of your collection, and the bags are not tied at the top.

What happens if I am unable to store a garden waste bin?

You can still subscribe to the service and you will receive bags with an equivalent capacity to a bin. You will also be issued with a licence which should be displayed where possible in a location near your green bags. Additional bags for any excess garden waste can be bought from Mercury House, Richmond or one of the council’s Community Offices at a cost of £6.36 per 20 bags.

What if my licence is lost, stolen or damaged?

Please inform the council’s customer services team on 01748 829100 as soon as possible so we can arrange for a replacement licence to be issued.

What are the alternatives for disposing of my garden waste if I don’t subscribe to the service?

If you choose not to join the scheme, garden waste can be composted at home. This is an easy way to reduce your household waste and produce compost for free. Further details can be found at North Yorkshire County Council's reduce and reuse webpage. Alternatively garden waste can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre at Gatherley Road, Brompton on Swale or Moor Road, Leyburn for composting free of charge. However it is likely to be easier for you, as well as saving you fuel money, to use the collection service rather than transport your garden waste in your car. It is also more environmentally friendly. We advise that garden waste should not be placed in your grey household waste bin.

What do I do with my garden waste bin if I’m not subscribing to the garden waste service?

For anyone not wanting to subscribe to the scheme your bin will be collected. Please contact customer services on 01748 829100 to arrange for the collection of your bin/bins.

What will happen to my garden waste bin if I choose not to subscribe to the scheme?

Bins which are no longer required by non subscribing households will be redistributed to subscribing households.

What do I do with my old licence sticker?

Your old sticker should be removed from the bin prior to affixing the new one.

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