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Bulky waste items

Bulky waste is a term used to describe items that are too big to be taken away in the regular bin collections.

Normally you can take these goods free of charge to North Yorkshire County Council's household waste recycling centres at:

  • Gatherley Road, Catterick Bridge
  • Moor Road, Leyburn

Collecting bulky waste from your home 

We can collect bulky waste from your home. It costs £47 for up to five items (this includes household items classed as hazardous waste - see section below).  

To arrange and pay for a bulky item collection, fill in the Request a bulky waste collection form.

How to leave items for collection

Items to be collected must be placed on the edge of your property, nearest to the main road by 6.30am on your allocated collection day.

If you live in a flat, the items must be left on the ground floor, outside the building, where the collection team can easily identify them. 

Items must be in a clean dry condition. If they need to be stored outside, they should be covered until collection. Also ensure that they're stored safely and securely, so that they don't pose a risk to anyone, especially children. Items which are deemed to be in an unsuitable condition for collection will not be collected, and collection charges cannot be refunded. 

Rather than dispose of these items, you might like to offer them to organisations and charities that can make good use of them instead. An online search will offer plenty of options.

Hazardous waste

Changes in the law mean that some household items are now classed as hazardous waste.

They include:

  • Televisions
  • Computer monitors
  • Microwaves
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Fridges
  • Freezers

If they're being collected by us as a bulky items collection, you will be charged £47 for up to five items.

You can also take hazardous waste household items to one of North Yorkshire County Council's household waste recycling centres at Gatherley Road, Brompton-on-Swale, or Moor Road, Leyburn.

Private waste contractors deal with hazardous and special waste from trades or businesses.

For more information about hazardous waste, contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506506, or visit GOV.UK's classify different types of waste web page.


Special precautions may be needed when moving or disposing of asbestos

North Yorkshire County Council has more information. And health and safety advice for those who may be exposed to asbestos at work is available from the Health and Safety Executive.

To book a bulky waste collection, please contact us.

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