Richmondshire District Council

Grey bin: Non-recyclable household refuse only

Put your grey bin out by 6.30am on your bin collection day.

Further information about where your rubbish goes once its been collected can be found on North Yorkshire County Council's website.


Please do not place used, dead batteries in the grey bin as these can be crushed or punctured when the waste is collected and processed. Some battery types can ignite or explode when they are damaged and can then set fire to other materials in your waste bin.

Batteries should be recycled safely at one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres or find your local battery recycling point on the Take Charge website

Green or black box: glass, metal, plastic recycling

Glass must be kept separate

To keep glass separate, please:

  • Place glass in your green box using a divider
  • Request a black box just for glass
  • If you have a second green box use that just for glass

All must be rinsed clean and empty of food and liquid, and cans, tins and plastic bottles should be squashed if possible. Labels can be left on.


Lids are available to place on top of the boxes to prevent items from falling out. Box lids are available from the waste crew or can be collected from one of our community offices, or we can deliver them to those who have a disability or suffer from ill health.

✔ Yes..can dispose of

✘ No..cannot dispose of

✔ Glass: Bottles and jars

✘ Glass: Broken, window, pyrex and drinking glass

✔ Plastic: Plastic bottles, including trigger sprays, plastic pots and trays, yogurt pots and margarine tubs

✘ Plastic: Black plastic, plastic films, plastic bags, corrugated and plastic shredding, polystyrene and bubble wrap

✔ Cans: Food, drink and pet food cans

✘ Cans: Oil cans

✔ Foil: Foil and aluminium trays

✘ Foil: Foil pouches

✔ Aerosols: Including deodorant containers

✘ Paint: Paint tins and paint aerosols

✔ Cartons / tetra pak

✘ DIY: Product containers


✘ Household: Toys, CDs and DVDs, washing up bowls, plant pots


✘ Medical: Pill packs and nappies

Please do not overfill your bin:  If it is too heavy to move, it will be too heavy for the bin lift

Blue and white bags: paper and card recycling

You can get extra recycling boxes, lids, dividers and blue or white bags free from our community offices, or extra recycling can be put out in open carrier bags. Alternatively the recycle crew carry stock of all the above items on their vehicles, so either catch them on the round or leave a note requesting the items that you wish the crew to leave.

✔ Yes..can dispose of

✘ No..cannot dispose of

✔ All paper

✘ Takeaway pizza boxes

✔ All card: brown, grey, corrugated, egg boxes, cardboard tubes, food packaging card. Please fold cardboard into smaller pieces so they fit inside your recycle bag.

✘ Takeaway containers

✔ All envelopes

✘ Fish and Chips paper

✔ Newspapers and magazines

✘ Used kitchen roll and tissues

✔ Yellow pages and other directories

✘ Wallpaper

✔ Junk mail

✘ Photographs

✔ Shredded paper

✘ Books


✘ Polystyrene


Please leave textiles in an untied plastic bag and place them next to your recycling bags and boxes on your allocated day for recycling items. 

✔ Yes..can dispose of

✘ No..cannot dispose of


✘  Duvets







Green bin: garden waste

Garden waste is only collected from subscribing households and a valid licence must be attached to the bin. 

If you don't want to sign up to the scheme, you can compost your garden waste at home or take your waste to the tip.

✔ Yes..can dispose of

✘ No..cannot dispose of

✔ Grass Cuttings

✘ Stones and soil

✔ Clippings

✘ Turf

✔ Leaves

✘ Peelings and food waste

✔ Hedge clippings

✘ Ash

✔ Cut flowers

✘ Cat and dog waste

✔ Plants and weeds


✔ Windfalls


✔ Bark


✔ Small pet bedding


Please do not overfill your bin:  If it is too heavy to move, it will be too heavy for the bin lift


Households are collected on an alternate weekly basis: one week the grey bin is collected and the next week the green box, blue bag and garden bin (if you subscribe) is collected. To view your collection days, please visit our bin collection calendar page. 

Assisted collection

Help is available through our assisted collection service if you can't put out your bins and boxes at the kerbside for collection because of age or disability.

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