Richmondshire District Council

Applying for discretionary housing payment

Here are some of the things we look at when we consider your application:

  • Your housing benefit or universal credit has been reduced by a rent officer service valuation or other benefit law
  • Your home has been adapted for a member of the family who is disabled or suffering health problems
  • You're behind on your rent and, if so, whether your landlord is taking action to force you to move out
  • You could move to a cheaper property or move in with relatives
  • If there's anyone else, such as a relative, who could help you financially

It would help us if you explain why you or a member of your family might suffer hardship if you don't receive this extra help.

When you fill in the form, include all your circumstances and provide a detailed breakdown of your income and expenditure. We'll also use the information on your application for housing benefit or universal credit to help us decide your case.

We aim to look at your application within 15 working days of receiving it. If you're successful, DHP awards are included with your payments of housing benefit.

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