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Our 2022-23 scheme

Council tax reduction is an income-related discount applied to your council tax, and paid by the Council.

To claim it you must be:

  • On a low income
  • Liable to pay council tax
  • Living in the property

People who work full time or part time, are self-employed or retired can claim. Also those people who are unemployed, cannot work because of illness, or because they're caring for someone can claim.

Changes to our 2022-23 scheme for working age people

From 1 April 2022, Richmondshire District Council is changing the way it assesses entitlement to Council Tax Reduction for our working age customers to make it easier to understand. From the 1 April 2022, we will assess your entitlement to Council Tax Reduction using an Income Grid.

To be able to apply you must have less than £6,000 in savings or investments.

The Income Grid is used to form the basis of your entitlement which considers the size and makeup of your household, and your eligible weekly income.

Once we have determined your eligible weekly income and household make up, your entitlement is based on a percentage of your council tax bill, after discounts have been deducted.

Income Grid for 2022-23

Band Council Tax
Passported Single weekly
Couple weekly
Family (1 child)
weekly income
Family (2 or
more children)
weekly income
1 100% Income based Jobseekers allowance, income based employment
and support allowance, income support
£0.00-£102.00 £0.00-£147.00 £0.00-£192.00 £0.00-£263.00
2 75% Not applicable £102.91-£169.00 £147.01-£220.00 £192.01-£252.00 £263.01-£315.00
3 50% Not applicable £169.01-£190.00 £220.01-£253.00 £252.01-£295.00 £315.01-£357.00
4 25% Not applicable £190.01-£266.00 £253.01-£295.00 £295.01-£336.00 £357.01-£399.00
5 0% Not applicable £266.01 and over £295.01 and over £336.01 and over £399.01 and over

So, for example, if you are a single person with an eligible income of £98 per week, you will receive 100% Council Tax Reduction.

The following incomes are 100% ignored:

  • Child benefit
  • Disability living allowance
  • Personal independent payments
  • Carers allowance
  • Employment and support allowance support charge
  • War pensions
  • Pro-rated housing costs in Universal Credit

If you are working: 

  • We will deduct tax, national insurance and 100% of any contribution you make towards an occupational or private pension when working out your net weekly wage
  • We will then ignore £25 to arrive at the weekly earnings figure for the Income Grid.

If you or a dependent child receive a disability benefit, we ignore £20 from your total weekly income. So, for example, if you work and have a disabled child in the household, we will ignore £25 from your net weekly wage and a further £20 as you have a disabled child.

Any changes to your circumstances will affect your Council Tax Reduction from the date they occur and not the following Monday.

For every non-dependant living with you, regardless of their income or any income you may receive from them, a deduction of £5 will be taken from your weekly entitlement.

Applying for Council Tax Reduction

The way that you apply for Council Tax Reduction remains the same.

You can ask for your claim to be backdated to either 1 April 2022 or the start of your liability whichever is the latest. You must be able to provide proof of income and savings/investments throughout the period you have asked for and provide details of who lived in your household during this time.

For further details, please read our 2022-23 reduction scheme.


If you find that your Council Tax Reduction has decreased as a result of Richmondshire District Council using an Income Grid Scheme and you are finding it difficult to manage to pay your council tax, please contact the benefits team at to discuss this further with them.

Who can't claim

People who can't claim include:

  • Working age people who have more than £6,000. Also most pensioners who have more than £16,000 in savings or investments
  • Those who live with a close relative who is liable to pay council tax
  • Most students
  • Those who can't access public funds under immigration rules

Our benefits team calculates and pays council tax reduction. The amount you receive depends on your financial and personal circumstances at the time of application.

If you qualify for council tax reduction you will receive a new council tax bill showing how much you are entitled to. You will not receive any letters. If you want to know how your reduction has been worked out, please call the benefits team on 01748 829100 or email

Our benefit calculator will help you work out if you qualify.

How to claim

Please refer to our Apply for council tax reduction page for details on how to claim.

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