Richmondshire District Council

Our 2020-21 reduction scheme

Council tax reduction is an income-related discount applied to your council tax, and paid by the council.

To claim it you must be:

  • On a low income
  • Liable to pay council tax
  • Living in the property

People who work full time or part time, are self-employed or retired can claim, as well as people who are unemployed or can't work because of illness or because they're caring for someone.

For details take a look at our 2020-21 reduction scheme.

Who can't claim

People who can't claim include:

  • Those (apart from some pensioners) who have more than £16,000 in savings or investments
  • Those who live with a close relative who is liable to pay council tax
  • Most students
  • Those who can't access public funds under immigration rules

Our benefits team calculates and pays council tax reduction.

Our benefit calculator will help you work out if you qualify.

The amount you receive depends on your financial and personal circumstances at the time of application.

How to claim

Please refer to our Apply for council tax reduction page for details on how to claim.

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