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Blue Bag

Paper/Card Recycling Service

 What Can I Put In My Blue Recycling Bag?

Blue Bag

YES Please

✔ Plain and printed white and grey card

✔ Newspapers and magazines

✔ Telephone directories

✔ Envelopes and paper

✔ Greeting cards

✔ Leaflets and catalogues

✔ Junk mail


NO Thanks

✘ Brown cardboard

✘ Pet food or washing powder boxes

✘ Beer, soft drink or wine boxes

✘ Brown paper

✘ Wallpaper or wrapping paper

✘ Drink cartons


Additional blue bags and green boxes can be collected from any of our Community Offices. Alternatively extra recycling can be placed out in open carrier bags.

For the 2017 year collection calendar for your address, please visit the 2017 waste collection calendar page or call 01748 829100







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