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Green Bin

Garden Waste Collection Service

Green Bin

What Can I Put In My Green Bin?

YES Please

✔ Grass cuttings

✔ Hedge trimmings

✔ Leaves

✔ Weeds and plants

✔ Windfalls

✔ Small branches

✔ Dead flowers

✔ Bark/wood shavings


NO Thanks

✘ Logs/thick branches

✘ Soil/turf/ stones

✘ Ash

✘ Food waste

✘ Cardboard

✘ Drink cartons

✘ Plastic/metal/glass

✘ Animal waste

✘ General Refuse/Recycling


The garden waste collection service is available on a subscription basis.

The service will run from 1 April 2017 until 28 February 2018. Collections will continue to be suspended over the winter - from December to February. Households can join the scheme at any time during the year.

For full details including the subscription cost for the current year and to make payment please visit the garden waste collections page or call 01748 829100

If you do not wish to subscribe to the service you can compost your garden waste at home or take your garden waste to your local civic amenity site.