Temporary Road Closures and Diversions

This is an information guide for applying for a temporary road closure and has been produced by Richmondshire District Council. Its aim is to provide assistance for event organisers to plan the road closure element of their event.

If you wish to apply for a temporary road closure for an event not being Military or Remembrance contact North Yorkshire County Council - Roads - closures and diversions

Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 empowers local authorities to close roads to prevent obstruction "in all times of public procession, rejoicing or illuminations, and in any case when the streets are thronged or liable to be obstructed".

Local Authorities can use this section to close roads to traffic on occasions when the oridinary day-to-day use of the road or highway is, or liable to be, thronged or obstructed by substantial number of persons, on foot or in vehicles, participating in or spectating at the event.

If you require a temporary road closure for a Military or Remembrance Sunday event please complete the application form below.

If your event is for one of the following;

  • Local Carnivals & Fairs
  • Street Parties & Fetes
  • Illuminations
  • Processions
  • Acts of Worship
  • National Celebrations
  • Short Charity Runs/Walks

Contact North Yorkshire County Council - Roads - closures and diversions to apply for a temporary road closure.

The District Councils' strongly recommend that the event organiser obtains sufficient Public Liability Insurance for the event

Types of road closure
You can apply for a full road closure, rolling closure or a footpath closure. A full closure is where the physical closure of the road is necessary for a substantial period of time which requires the signing of a diversion route. A rolling closure involves a moving procession to pass during the time the closure is in force, but is only necessary to interrupt the flow of traffic for a short period of time. A footpath closure is only necessary if your event is obstructing a footpath.

Guidance on completing application form:
Please note that we require a minimum of 10 weeks notice prior to the event. Event organisers should be aware that if they submit an application late they run the risk of having to postpone or cancel the event.

You can apply for a road closure order by completing the application form below or alternatively one can be collected from your local community offices.

  • You must complete the form in full for the District Council to process your application, any incomplete applications will be returned.
  • You must attach a plan showing the proposed closure coloured red and the alternative route coloured green (if necessary).
  • You must attach confirmation from North Yorkshire Police that they are responsible for providing the traffic management for the event. (See below contact details for North Yorkshire Police)
  • The District Council require 10 Weeks notice to enable us to carry out the consultation process. The District Council consult with:

    • The Highway Authority, North Yorkshire County Council
    • North Yorkshire Police
    • The Fire Brigade
    • Councillors
    • Parish Council
    • The Ambulance Service
    • Bus Companies
    • Taxi Companies (if necessary)

    Once the consultation period is over and provided there are no objections to the proposed road closure, the District Council will process the Order for the road to be closed.

    North Yorkshire Police Contact Details:
    For events such as Remembrance Events and Military Parades North Yorkshire Police will normally provide officers to control and direct traffic.

    For more information on the requirements of North Yorkshire Police please contact their Operations and Contingency Planning Department:

    PC 722 Brown
    Operations Planning Department
    Vale House
    Thirsk Industrial Estate
    YO7 3BX

    Tel: 01904 618867
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Other aspects to consider:
    If you want to have a pay bar or intend to provide entertainment to the wider public, or charge to raise money for your event, you will need a Temporary Event Notice which is a type of temporary licence and costs £21.00. Similarly, larger public events attracting more people will require a different process. If you need a Temporary Events Notice, please contact the Council Licensing Team for further information, depending on where the event is to be held.

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