Effiicient Travel Planning

Efficient & Sustainable Travel

Under the Climate Change Act, the UK set itself a target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, with an interim target of 34% reduction by 2020. Transport contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions (approx 1/3rd of Richmondshire's emissions) and so its contributions will need to reduce markedly to if we are to hit our 2050 target. The UK Government has producedLow Carbon Transport: A Greener Future setting out how we will reduce transport emissions.

The council has transport web pages on public transport, but the info on fuel efficient driving and car sharing schemes below can also help you cut your travel carbon footprint and save money.

North Yorkshire County Council's transport and streets web page also provides local information regarding public transport, walking and cycling. The Department for Transport website contains a raft of information on sustainable travel including car clubs and car sharing, smarter travel choices, travel plans, walking and cycling. As fuel prices continue to rise, many of these measures will also save individuals and businesses money.

Changing your travel patterns can also contribute to a healthier lifestyle - travelling by public transport or active transport (walking or cycling) means you get more exercise, so are less likely to have trouble becoming or staying a healthy weight.

Fuel-efficient Driving

We live in a car dependent society, where giving up a car completely is not always easy or desirable. So it is essential to know how negative impacts of cars on society and the environment can be minimised, whilst maintaining the benefits of flexibility.

The Energy Saving Trust have a large amount of information ongreen travelincluding smarter driving habitswhich can save up to 15% of your running costs as well as cutting carbon emissions - you can use their "MPG calculator" to learn more fuel efficient driving techniques - how to use the car less, information on alternative fuels and buying a greener more fuel-efficient car. There are also green car comparison websites such as Next Green Carand the Green Car Guide so if you're looking to buy a car you can choose the cheapest, greenest one to run.

Lift Sharing

This service is not delivered by Richmondshire District Council, it is provided by Liftshare, the largest car-share network in the UK and a national social enterprise - mission-driven rather than profit-driven - so it's free to join.

If you can't give up a car completely because of your job / where you live, you can still use the free national Liftshare database to find someone who travels the same route as you to share the journey. Even if it's only one day a week, you'll still cut your fuel costs and carbon emissions by 10%, as well as potentially being less stressed in traffic and having some company.

Use Liftshare's database to find a car-share partner who's travelling your way, and you could:

  • save hundreds of pounds a year on fuel and other car running costs
  • cut your carbon footprint
  • reduce your stress
  • and make your journeys more enjoyable
  • help reduce pollution and traffic congestion in Richmondshire

Community Car Scheme

If you are unable to access public or private transport due to disability, age or where you live, then the Hambleton & Richmondshire Community Car Scheme may be able to help. Please contact Kevin Holt at the Northallerton & District Voluntary Services Association on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01609 761 206.

They are always looking for more volunteer drivers (expense paid) so if you have some spare time, a car and would like to help the please do make contact.

The following website is also a useful tool which provides options for car sharing and car pooling: www.compareandshare.com/transport/

Alternatives to the car

  • Use the Sustrans mapping service to easily plan your journey, create and share routes with friends and family.
  • Find new routes by foot, bike, bus or train plus inspiration for fresh air and fun: local on and off-road National Cycle Network routes; your closest bus, train, tram and ferry links; a handy "When's my next bus?" text service; and journey times by foot or bike (it's often quicker than you think).
  • For more info call 0845 113 006

Reduce your travel costs and carbon emissions (for both individuals and businesses) by:

  • Walking or cycling:
    • Will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.
    • It is usually much more fun than driving, particularly for families.
    • Will reduce the running costs of your vehicle, particularly as fuel prices continue to rise.
  • Using public transport:
    • Will help you reduce local air pollution and ease traffic congestion. 
    • Also much more fun for children than driving.
    • By not owning a motor vehicle at all, you immediately reduce your carbon footprint by about 3 tonnes!
    • Can be cheaper than driving when all the insurance and maintenance costs of driving are taken into account, plus fuel, parking... and driving / parking is often more stressful.

For more information on ways to reduce your travel costs and carbon emissions (for both individuals and businesses), contact the Energy Saving Trust advice centre free on 0800 512012. Also look at their Travel pages for tips & information.

Green Travel Planning

The Council has a Green Travel Plan, produced in 2006, aiming to reduce the impact of travel on the environment. The Plan includes advice on reducing car dependence and travel planning.

It covers a variety of measures that will contribute to reducing emissions, pollution and mitigating the impacts of climate change:

  • Encouraging walking and cycling with their associated health benefits;
  • Public transport provision;
  • Promotion of home working and teleconferencing;
  • Encouraging alternatives to single occupancy vehicles e.g promotion of car sharing;
  • Increasing awareness of 'green driving' techniques.

The plan is an example of how other public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations here in Richmondshire can also help to contribute to a cleaner environment, and a healthier lifestyle.

The Green Travel Plan is due to be reviewed, please check back for updates.

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