Car Parking - Council Estates

Parking anywhere other than designated parking areas is not permitted on any part of Council land.
Tenants should not park any vehicle on the gardens of their property and any vehicle (caravans, boats on trailers or commercial vehicles) other than motor cars or motor bikes may not be parked in designated parking areas.
Vehicles should not be parked within the confines of any Council estate except in designated parking areas.
Vehicles parked in areas other than those specified may cause inconvenience to residents and obstruct access for essential service vehicles - e.g. ambulance, fire brigade, police, etc. This in turn may endanger life in the event of an emergency.
You must not park a vehicle on the estate or on your property except on a driveway or a paved area intended for parking.
You must not park a vehicle on greens or grass verges.
If there are allocated parking spaces in force you must not park a vehicle other than in the space allocated to your property.
You must not park any caravan or motor home on the estate or the area around your home or on any communal parking area without first getting the Council's permission in writing.
You and your visitors must not park anywhere that would obstruct emergency vehicles.
You must not do major car repairs or park an unroadworthy vehicle or one which may not legally be driven on the highway on the land around your home or on the road.

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