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The Local Plan 2012 - 2028 Core Strategy was adopted on 9 December 2014.  It replaces all of the policies in the Local Plan 1999 - 2006, with the exception of Policy 23 - Development Limits.  The adoption statement is on this page.

Policy 23 will be saved until development limits and land use allocations are updated in the Delivering Development Plan.  But it is modified by Core Policy CP4, which enables the assessment of development proposals both within and adjacent to the areas defined in Policy 23. This is necessary to ensure that the Council’s statutory development plan is consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Policy 23 development limits were first defined in the mid 1990’s and are out of date under NPPF para 14. The Local Plan 1999 - 2006 settlement maps can be viewed by following this link.

The Council needs to ensure that local development targets can be met and the impact of development on local infrastructure is managed.  The following documents support the implementation of the Local Plan 2012 - 2028 Core Strategy

Supplementary Planning Documents covering Affordable Housing contributions, Built Heritage and Open Space will be prepared to provide detailed guidance on the implementation of relevant Core Policies. 

A Community Infrastructure Levy framework is being prepared to support the provision of local infrastructure

The Annual Monitoring Report reviews development progress

The Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) is the annual review of deliverable development sites. Sites can be submitted at any time and will be considered for inclusion in the SHELAA when the next update is carried out. Further information on submitting a site is available from the Call for Sites page.

The Self Build and Custom Housebuilding Register enables people to notify the Council of their interest in completing Self and Custom build projects in the area. This will provide an indication of the demand for Self Build and Custom Housebuilding and allow the Council to develop its housing and planning policies to support the kinds of projects that would be most appropriate.

The Delivering Development Plan will cover detailed policies including updated settlement development guidelines, which we estimate will be adopted by December 2016.  The first stage of this will be the preparation of a set of Settlement Development Guidance notes to assess specific local conditions which may affect the scale and direction of future development in the 21 largest settlements in the plan area.

Plan Making

Development Plan documents must be prepared in compliance with the Local Plan regulations.  These set out how the Council should provide opportunities to involve local people and specialist bodies in plan preparation.  They also specify how draft plans should be publicised and examined.

The Local Development Scheme sets out a timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan.  This now covers the Delivering Development Plan, which will cover specific development policies and update development limits and land use allocations.  Dates may change as a result of changes in government guidance and the results of research and consultation.

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we expect to engage with local communities in plan preparation.

The Examination Process page includes all documents relating to the preparation and examination of the Local Plan 2012 - 2028 Core Strategy, including the Inspectors final report. 

The Evidence Library page contains all of the technical evidence used in preparation of the Local Plan 2012 - 2028 Core Strategy .

 The Further Reading links at the bottom of this page provide further information about the Local Plan

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