Local Plan 1999-2006

Following the adoption of the Richmondshire Local Plan 2012-2028: Core Strategy on 9 December 2014 all saved policies within the Richmondshire Local Plan 1999-2006 except Policy 23 - Development Limits are now superseded and no longer saved.

Policy 23 - Development Limits will be saved until development limits and land use allocations are updated in the Delivering Development Plan, but it is modified by Core Policy CP4, which enables the assessment of development proposals both within and adjacent to the areas defined in Policy 23. This is necessary to ensure that the Council’s statutory development plan is consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Policy 23 development limits were first defined in the mid 1990’s and are out of date under NPPF para 14.

docPolicy 23 - Development Limits

Links to Local Plan 1999 - 2006 settlement inset maps are retained below to illustrate Policy 23 limits and will be replaced with up to date settlement maps shortly. For more information please contact the Community Development Team on 01748 829100 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


pdfLocal Plan Key and Notations Map

pdfLocal Plan Proposals Map Sheet 1

pdfLocal Plan Proposals Map Sheet 2

pdfLocal Plan Proposals Map Sheet 3

pdfLocal Plan Proposals Map Sheet 4

pdfLocal Plan Proposals Map Sheet 5

  • North Richmondshire

pdfNR 1. Aldbrough St John

pdfNR 3. Barton

pdfNR 5. Barton Quarry

pdfNR 7. Caldwell

pdfNR 9. Cleasby

pdfNR 13. Croft

pdfNR 14. Dalton

pdfNR 15. Dalton on Tees

pdfNR 18. East Layton

pdfNR 21. Eppleby

pdfNR 23. Gayles

pdfNR 24. Gilling West

pdfNR 25. Hartforth

pdfNR 29. Kirby Hill

pdfNR 31. Manfield

pdfNR 32. Markse

pdfNR 33. Melsonby

pdfNR 35. Middleton Tyas

pdfNR 36. Moulton

pdfNR 37. Newsham

pdfNR 39. North Cowton

pdfNR 42. Ravensworth

pdfNR 47. Scotch Corner

pdfNR 51. Stapleton

pdfNR 55. Whashton

  • Central Richmondshire

pdfCR 6. Brompton on Swale and Gatherley Road

pdfCR 8. Catterick Village

pdfCR 10. Catterick Garrison

pdfCR 11. Colburn and Hipswell

pdfCR 16. Downholme

pdfCR 20. Ellerton on Swale

pdfCR 27. Hudswell

pdfCR 44. Richmond Easby St Martins

pdfCR 45. Richmond Town Centre

pdfCR 46. Scorton and Bolton on Swale

pdfCR 48. Scotton

pdfCR 49. Skeeby

pdfCR 53. Tunstall

  • Lower Wensleydale

pdfLW 2. Barden

pdfLW 4. Bellerby

pdfLW 12. Constable Burton

pdfLW 17. East Hauxwell

pdfLW 19. East Witton

pdfLW 22. Finghall

pdfLW 26. Hornby

pdfLW 28. Hunton

pdfLW 30. Leyburn and Harmby

pdfLW 34. Middleham

pdfLW 38. Newton Le Willows

pdfLW 40. Patrick Brompton

pdfLW 41. Preston Under Scar

pdfLW 43. Redmire

pdfLW 50. Spennithorne

pdfLW 52. Thornton Steward

pdfLW 54. Wensley


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