Monitoring and Implementation of Approved Developments

The Enforcement Team, with the assistance of Development Management staff, undertake monitoring of ongoing development.  However it is very important that those who obtain and implement a planning permission take full responsibility for compliance with that planning permission.  A valid commencement of a planning permission can only take place if the following steps have been undertaken :
  • firstly, fully discharge all pre-conditions of the permission, i.e. those conditions which require something to be done "prior to the commencement of the development";
  • then, commence building work on the ground which is in accordance with the approved plans, before the expiry date of the permission.

If development proceeds without complying with the above steps then it must be noted that this will render the whole development unauthorised which has serious implications and could result in enforcement action being taken.

It is also very important if you want to make any amendments to an approved scheme to contact the Case Officer for the original application to discuss these and obtain the necessary further approval prior to carrying out the work.  Some amendments will require the submission of a further application for planning permission, and almost all will require some further consultation with interested parties, e.g. neighbours or Parish Council.

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