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Newsflash - Important Notice for Business Ratepayers

The annual bills for all business ratepayers were posted on 07 March 2017. This was before the Chancellor announced in the Budget of 08 March 2017 that additional help would be made available to certain types of businesses from 01 April 2017. Your annual bill will therefore not reflect any of these changes.

We have yet to be informed of the details of the changes announced in the Budget and therefore cannot say with any degree of certainty which accounts will be affected and by how much.

As soon as we have the precise details we will liaise with the ratepayers affected and explain what maybe required of them i.e. application forms.

Ratepayers should make payment in accordance with the annual bills issued whilst these proposed changes are put into place.

Brian Bottle

Revenue & Benefits Manager

09 March 2017

Latest News



Richmondshire councillors are going paperless!

The move to switch to a fully computerised system was recommended by members of the District Council’s Corporate Board this week (Tuesday October 6).   Members of Full Council will ratify the decision later this month (October 20).

All councillors will in future work through ipads rather than using paper copies of agendas and minutes. Not only will the move save the authority money, it will also make sure the council is fully compliant with legislation.

“These changes mean we can make on-going efficiency savings through the reduction in the need for laptops and the hardware that go with them – as well as saving costs from printing,” said Council Leader, Councillor Yvonne Peacock.

“And ipads give us the flexibility to access our emails, committee papers and other information from anywhere with a wireless connection – as well as using them at meetings.”

The ipads have been rolled out following an initial trial with six members proved successful – with all members now on line.

“We expect savings off around £20,000 a year through this system,” added Councillor Peacock.

“And with the cost of replacing an ipad considerably less than replacing a laptop this saving will only get greater.   It forms part of our four year financial strategy to deliver savings, balance the budget and keep council tax low.”

Latest Events

Audit, Governance & Standards Committee
28 Mar 2017
06:30PM -
CANCELLED: Planning Committee
04 Apr 2017
06:30PM -
Corporate Board
11 Apr 2017
06:30PM -
Overview & Scrutiny Committee 2
20 Apr 2017
06:30PM -
25 Apr 2017
06:30PM -
Planning Committee
09 May 2017
06:30PM -
Annual Council
16 May 2017
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