Green fingered Graham Frankland retained his winning spot in Richmondshire’s annual gardening competition.

For the seventh year running he has taken first prize in the Upper Dales category for his ‘colourful and well maintained’ garden in Reeth.

Council tenants in Richmondshire are encouraged to make their gardens look ‘blooming lovely’ for the competition which looks to find the best gardens, window boxes, tubs, baskets, borders and vegetable patches.  They were given a month to get their plots in top condition before the mystery judging.

They are judged in the five areas of the district – Central, Garrison, Lower Wensleydale, North Richmondshire and Upper Dales.

The prizewinners are:

Central: 1st - Mrs V Mackey, Richmond; 2nd  Mr P Johnson, Richmond; 3rd  Mr P Crouch, Catterick

Garrison: 1st Mr D Brown, Catterick Garrison; 2nd   Mr and Mrs Clark, Colburn;  3d Mrs J Linley, Colburn,

Lower Wensleydale:  1st Mr G and Mrs B Yare, East Witton: 2nd  Mrs E Rawlin, East Witton; 3rd Mrs M C Close & Mr K Thwaites,Leyburn

North Richmondshire: 1st Mr and Mrs F M Spence, Eppleby, 2nd Mr PW and Mrs CA Adamson, Melsonby; 3rd Miss S Collins, Manfield 

Upper Dales: 1st Mr G Frankland, Reeth; 2nd  Mr and Mrs S Turner, Reeth;  3rd Mr and Mrs D Bastow, Reeth

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