Skin Piercing & Tattooing

Skin Piercing and Tattooing


Persons undertaking any of the following activities must be registered with the Council and the premises used for that purpose must also be registered:


Ear Piercing and Cosmetic Piercing

Semi-permanent skin colouration



Cosmetic/beauty treatments which involve piercing the skin (e.g. dermarolling, microblading)

Summary of legislation

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 requires the following types of skin piercing to be registered with the Council:-

Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear-piercing, Electrolysis, Cosmetic piercing and Semi-permanent skin colouration.

The legislation can be found here Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act.

The council has adopted byelaws which cover the cleanliness and hygiene of premises, practitioners and equipment. These byelaws are intended to prevent bloodborne viruses and other infections occurring.

Who needs to register/apply

If you offer any of the aforementioned treatments in this District, you must be registered with us.

Both the premises where the activities takes place and the individual operators must be registered and once registered a certificate of registration will be issued.

Mobile skin piercers must also be registered. The registration is only applicable within the local authority area in which the premises and person are registered.

How do I apply?

You can download the application forms using the links below and return the completed form(s) to the address at the bottom of the page 

Premises Registration application form.

Personal Registration application form

Following receipt of the application form, payment and any supporting documents, an inspection will be carried out where necessary to check the practices and procedures meet the health and safety standards required to protect public health. If the inspector is satisfied that conditions are met, you will be allowed to commence operating.

Certificates of registration are normally issued within 28 working days. These must be displayed prominently with the bye-laws at the relevant premises.

How long will it take to consider the notification/application?

There is no statutory period for determining applications; however, we aim to determine applications within 28 days. You must wait until the application has been determined before commencing operations.

How much will it cost to register/apply?

The fee for registration of a person and premises can be found using this link Fees & Charges. This is a one off payment. There is no annual renewal process.

If my application is refused, how do I appeal?

Registration can only be refused in limited circumstances. This will be discussed with the applicant on a case by case basis.

Public register?

There is no public register but a list of current registered establishments is available on request.

For further information

Advice and safe practice guidance for operators carrying out skin piercing activities can be found using this link Tattooing and body piercing guidance.

The guidance includes information on basic requirements for safe, clean premises, legal issues, waste disposal, infection control, aftercare advice and a checklist.  

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