Environmental Permitting

Small Waste Oil Burners (SWOBs) - Changes from 6 April 2016
As a result of the amendments to the Environmental Permitting guidance it is no longer permissible to burn waste oil in SWOBs unless the operator obtains a permit in accordance with Schedule 13A of the Environmental Permitting Regulations and meets the requirements of Chapter IV of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Details of current consultations can be accessed using this link Statutory Consultation

Environmental Permits

Richmondshire District Council is responsible for issuing permits and regulating the activities undertaken by certain industries. These are known as Part A2 installations (where an operator has to consider emissions to air, water and land as well as other environmental issues) and Part B installations (where an operator has to consider emissions to air only). Larger Part A1 installations are regulated by the Environment Agency.

There are currently no Part A2 installations in Richmondshire.

Examples of industrial activities which hold Part B permits include Petrol Stations, Dry Cleaners, Mobile crushers, Quarries and activities which use bulk cement. Guidance on these, and many more activities, which may require a permit is given by Defra in Process Guidance Notes www.gov.uk/government/collections/defra-guidance-on-local-authority-pollution-control-lapc-regime .

The list of companies holding Part B Permits in Richmondshire can be found here Permit List

We also hold a detailed public register of these activities in the council offices. It is available to view free of charge during normal council opening hours. It would be advisable to make an appointment to ensure that if you require assistance someone is available to help you.

Applying for a Permit

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 specify whether an installation is Part A1, Part A2 or Part B and lists the substances to be controlled. A Permit is a company’s licence to operate. To obtain a permit for an activity, applicants must demonstrate that the Best Available Techniques (BAT) will be used to prevent, minimise or render harmless polluting releases. BAT covers all aspects of the way in which the installation is managed and operated, including design, emission standards, staff training and qualifications, and working methods.

We will apply permit conditions having regard to the relevant guidance issued by the Secretary of State and other legislation such as the Industrial Emissions Directive. The conditions will be clear, relevant, enforceable and workable.

The following application forms can be downloaded:

Part B – Permit application

Part B – Mobile crusher permit application

Part B – Vehicle re-spraying permit application

Part B – Dry cleaning permit application

Part B – Petrol station permit application

Part A2 – Permit application


Waste Exemptions

Most activities to manage waste should have a permit. However, there are some ‘exemptions’ that do not need a permit, but do need to be registered and are subject to a lighter touch regulation.

Most waste exemptions are registered by the Environment Agency however T3 (treatment of waste metals and alloys by heating for the purposes of removing greases etc.) or T7 (treatment of waste brick, tiles and concrete by crushing, grinding or reducing in size) waste exemptions are registered by the Local Authority. The application form below provides further information.

Exempt waste operations application 

Fees and Charges

There are fees and charges in relation to environmental permits (but not for registering a waste exemption with us). These are set by Defra and are available on: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/environmental-permitting-resources-for-local-authorities

  • An operator must pay the relevant application fee to apply for a permit for a prescribed activity
  • A fee may be payable if there are substantial changes to a permit
  • Operators must pay an annual subsistence fee

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If you would like pre-application advice or an application form please contact Environmental Health  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Decision notices

docxApplication for an Environmental Permit by Banner Contracts (Halnaby) Ltd 25 April 2016

docxApplication for an Environmental Permit by Banner Contracts (Halnaby) Ltd 08 June 2016

docxApplication for an Environmental Permit by Banner Contracts (Halnaby) Ltd 25 August 2016


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