Richmondshire is home to some of the most beautiful areas of the country, and many of the habitats and species included in these areas are of great importance. 
Biodiversity provides the life-support systems on which we depend: air, fresh water, food, medicine and materials. These are all linked together in a complex web, with every plant and animal having its own small part to play in the global ecosystem.  Biodiversity is  an important indicator of the health of local ecosystems.  Human activity has affected biodiversity at an ever-increasing rate. In the UK, losses have rapidly increased over the last fifty years, with many species and habitats in danger of disappearing.  We need to look after these ecosystems as we depend on them to survive, but the present rate of growth in resource use is depleting the rich natural resources that we have taken for granted, provided "for free" by nature.  We need to make sure we're not destroying our own life support systems, as well as those of other species.
Maintaining a high quality environment is a key priority for the Richmondshire Local Strategic Partnership, Richmondshire District Council and its key partners. Working together they produced a Richmondshire Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) which set out how a local focus on conservation issues.  Biodiversity Action Planning (BAP) is a national initiative to maintain and enhance biodiversity. This has encouraged local BAPs, which identify UK and local priority species and habitats in an area, and determine ways to conserve and increase their numbers.  Biodiversity Action Plans are not a statutory requirement of Local Authorities.  The Richmondshire Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) contains Habitat Action Plans and Species Action Plans which identify specific and positive actions that should be undertaken to conserve our district's biodiversity.   The BAP also includes a number of guidance notes for a wide range of people, including gardeners and farmers, which provide useful hints and tips on how you can help to make a contribution towards maintaining the biodiversity of Richmondshire.   A summary leaflet of the BAP is also available.

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