Park Homes (Permanent Residential Caravan Sites)


The Mobile Homes Act 2013 applies to park home sites (and those with mixed holiday and residential caravans) and aims to protect residents. Such sites are now called “relevant protected sites”. The existing licensing regime continues to apply to these sites but from April 2014 local authorities have a power to charge fees in connection with their licensing functions.Fees & Charges

Richmondshire District Councils published fee policy can be accessed through the following link Park Home Fee Policy.


There are standard conditions for park homes sites (which can be adapted to individual circumstances) which need to be complied with.
The link below lists the standard conditions. These have been approved by Council's licensing committee.
Permanent Residential Conditions 

Application for a licence / Changes to existing licences

You can apply for a site licence or transfer (only accepted as part of a Will) by using the forms below:
• residential / park home licence (printable application)
• transfer of a licence (docprintable application)

Licence fees must be paid with the application.Contact us if you need to update your licence.

Contact us if you need to update your licence

Site rules

Owners of new sites are required to replace existing site rules with new site rules within 12 months, in consultation with site occupiers and qualifying residents’ associations.

Statutory forms have been provided by the Government to guide site owners through the legal process These forms and obtain further information can be found here:

The rules must be ‘deposited’ with the Local Authority (who must maintain a register of sites in its area and publish it online).

Public Register of Site Rules

The following documents have been deposited:

1    Richmond Caravan Park, Reeth Road, Richmond DL10 4TJ -Site Rules

Living on a Park Homes Site 

Further information can be found in a booklet ‘Park homes: know your rights’

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