Adult Social Care precept

The Adult Social Care precept for 2016/17 was included within the main North Yorkshire County Council precept and displayed on the bill as a 2% + 2%* (i.e. 4%) increase; it was not shown separately on the bill.

* The Council Tax attributable to NYCC includes a precept to fund Adult Social Care

For 2017/18, however, Billing Authorities are required to show a separate precept for Adult Social Care on the Council Tax Bills, as per The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017.

They must show the Precept, as a cash amount disaggregated from the overall charge set by the Adult Social Care authority (North Yorkshire County Council). As such, we are required to have two lines on our bills – one with the non-Adult Social Care charge and associated percentage increase; the other with the main Precept charge and associated percentage increase.

The Precept is considered to be a charge which accumulates in value over the years from 2016-17 to 2019-20. This is because Adult Social Care authorities are expected to keep spending all of the additional Council Tax they have charged for the Precept in previous years (which has become part of their Council Tax baseline) on Adult Social Care services.

Billing Authorities require the major precepting authorities (North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and North Yorkshire Police) to advise them of the charges and percentage increases for the forthcoming year.

Clink here for a copy of the information received from North Yorkshire County Council showing both the charges and percentage increases for their main precept and for the Adult Social Care precept for 2017/18.

From that information you will see that the overall increase for North Yorkshire County Council is actually 3.99%, which is arrived at by adding together the 2.00 % for the increase in Adult Social Care and 1.99% for the North Yorkshire County Council.

The above regulations also prescribe the Billing Authority to show the percentage increase on the bill to 1 decimal place so the 1.99% for the County is rounded up to 2.0% on the bill.

If you require further clarification North Yorkshire County Council have suggested that you contact them direct on 01609-780780.


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