Discounts, Reliefs & Reductions

The amount of Council Tax payable for any particular dwelling may be reduced depending on a property's, or a taxpayer’s, individual circumstances.

It may be that the property should be exempt from Council Tax if it is either a vacant dwelling, unoccupied due to special circumstances, or even occupied by certain specified residents.

There are special provisions for properties that have been adapted to meet the needs of a disabled resident.

If you live alone you will be entitled to a 25% discount or if you live with someone who falls within one of the special groups described in regulations you may be entitled to an alternative discount.

Under certain circumstances a second home may be entitled to a 50% discount, if the Council Taxpayer is unable to reside in their secondary residence due to a specific condition of their contract of employment, which stipulates that they must reside in another property.

Finally, should you be on a low income you may be entitled to assistance through the Council Tax Reduction scheme.


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