Backdating And Appeals


Backdating Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction from 1 April 2016


Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction can be backdated for a period up to 1 month from the date of request  and for a period not previously applied for (working age) or for a period of up to 3 months (pension credit age). However the customer must prove that there was a good reason why they did not apply for benefit at the time in order for it to be awarded. Furthermore, the customer must prove that the reason for not claiming, continued throughout this period.    Some examples of good reasons are:

  • The customer was too ill to make a claim and no-one was available to make the claim on their behalf.
  • The customer did not understand that they could claim either because of age, language difficulties, difficulty in understanding technical documents or some other reasons.
  • The customer was wrongly advised that they were not entitled to Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction
  • The customer was unable to manage their own affairs and did not have an appointee.


If you think the decision we have made is wrong you will need to write to us and
'appeal' against the decision.

Q. What happens next?

Housing Benefit

The Appeals Officer will look at your assessment and either revise the decision and reassess your benefit or write and confirm that there will be no change in the decision, give reasons and explain how the rules apply to your case.
If the Appeals Officer cannot revise the decision to your advantage, a submission will be prepared and we will send your appeal to the Appeals Tribunal which is operated independently through The HM Courts & Tribunal Service

Council Tax Reduction

The decision will be considered by the Head of Revenues & Benefits and you will be informed of his decision in writing.  If you are unhappy with that decision you may make a further appeal to The Valuation Office under Section 16 of the 1992 Act. 

Q. Who can help me with my appeal?

The following can offer independent advice:
Richmond Citizens Advice Bureau
Telephone:  01748 823978
Hambleton & Richmondshire Advocacy
Telephone:  01748 850085
You can also call into one of the community offices
For more information, telephone  01748 829100

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