Evidence Required

What evidence do we need to see?

It is important that you provide all necessary documents to prove your income and identity, as this will help us to work out your claim more quickly. All documents must be originals as copies are not acceptable.

Proof of identity and proof of National Insurance number

You need to send proof of both you and your partner's identity and National Insurance numbers. Please send at least two of the following for both you and your partner:

The evidence needed to support a claim for benefit is shown below:-

Proof of income

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit and apply for Council Tax Reduction, we may need to see your Universal Credit Award letters.

If you or your partner are self employed, you must send us your most recent accounts.  If you cannot provide these, or have only recently become self employed, please contact our Benefits Team. 

If you or your partner receive any other benefit we will need to see proof of the amount you receive from the DWP (award letter, bank statement showing payments etc)

Proof of capital

Proof of residency and rent

Tenancy Agreement or Rent Book (or Rent Account along with letter from your Landlord)

This proof must include the following:

The date the agreement started

The amount you pay

How long the tenancy will last

How often you pay the rent

The name and business address of your landlord and of the managing agent if applicable

What is included in the rent, eg meals, gas, electricity

Details of rent already paid and the date of payment


Why do I have to prove what I say on my claim form?

It is important that you get all the benefit you are entitled to. We can only work out your benefit entitlement from the proof you give us. As benefit is paid out of public funds we must check everything as it is important that you do not receive any benefit which you are not entitled to.