Who Can Claim?

Who can claim Housing/Council Tax Benefit?

To be able to claim Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction, a person must be:

  • on a low income
  • liable to pay rent or council tax
  • living in the property

People who are working full time or part time, are self employed or retired, can claim Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction as well as people who are unemployed or cannot work because of illness or because they are caring for someone.

Who cannot claim Housing/Council Tax Benefit?

Some people cannot claim Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction.  These include:

  • people (apart from some pensioners) who have more than £16,000 in savings or investments
  • people who pay rent to a close relative who lives in the same property
  • most students
  • people who rent a property which they (or their partner) previously owned
  • people who have no recourse to public funds under Immigration rules

For further information about who can claim Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit, see useful leaflets and forms.

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