Richmondshire District Council usually run two types of tenders - open and restricted, both processes will take place electronically via the YorTender e-procurement system.

Under an open tender procedure all suppliers who respond to an advertisement are supplied with tender documentation which they can return as appropriate.

The restricted procedure can best be described as a two stage approach in which the Council invites interested suppliers to undergo a pre-qualification assessment before inviting them to tender.

Where does Richmondshire District Council advertise?

Richmondshire District Council are a stakeholder of the YorTender e-Procurement Portal. All tendering opportunities greater than £50,000.00 will be advertised and undertaken via this tool. If you wish to become a supplier on YorTender and receive notification of opportunities relevant to you area of business please visit the below link –

Once you have expressed an interest in the tendering opportunity as per the instructions on the advert the tender documents you will receive usually consist of the following:

Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ)

It is a questionnaire assessing the suitability of the organisations commercial, technical and financial capabilities and provides a method of shortlisting interested parties meeting the required minimum qualification criteria. This aids the contracting authority in controlling the cost of the tendering process.

A Pre-qualification Questionnaire typically includes:

    • Financial statements may be required as part of the tender submission where there may be a risk to the County Council.
    • Equal Opportunities/Health and Safety questionnaire should be completed and policy submitted for evaluation.
    • Environmental questionnaire which asks about the environmental practice used and copies of the environmental policy submitted for evaluation.
    • Supplementary/Additional Quality/Technical questions

    Shortlisted companies will then be invited to tender.

    Invitation to Tender (ITT)

    Suppliers qualifying from the PQQ stage will receive an ITT for completion. The below information will be provided, allowing for a detailed proposal including costs to be submitted for consideration –

    • Timescales for the remainder of the process
    • A deadline date for submission
    • A Specification detailing the Councils requirement
    • A Scoring Criteria outlining how your submission will be evaluated
    • A Pricing Schedule
    • The Terms and Conditions (This document gives details of the terms under which the Council wishes to do business. It is policy to contract only on the Councils terms and conditions of contract)


    The Council will proceed once the deadline has passed to evaluate all returned proposals. Scoring the information provided will be inline with the Scoring Criteria outlined in the ITT. The Council may request suppliers to attend presentation days and will be allocated a timeslot. Site visits may also be required; if this is the case it will be outlined in the ITT.


    Once the Council has evaluated all returned proposals and the most suitable supplier has been identified the user group will seek authorisation at Director Level for the award to take place. Once approval has been given all suppliers will be notified of the outcome via the Tendering portal.

    Equal Opportunities

    The Council is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all people irrespective of sex, age, race or disability. The Council is keen to ensure that its suppliers abide by the law and are working to best practice in this area. All suppliers, as part of the tender process, will thus be required to provide evidence that they have equal opportunities policies in place and are committed to them.

    Environmental Policies

    The Council is committed to using the resources entrusted to it to ensure best value for money at the least possible cost to the environment. As part of this commitment to the environment, the Council's procurement policy will, wherever practicable, focus on.

    Specifying less environmentally damaging products.

    Promoting greater use of renewable sources.

    Encouraging suppliers to use environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process.

    When applying for certain Council contracts, you may be requested to supply evidence of your practices and procedures as they relate to the environment.

    Health and Safety

    The Council is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees and that of all others affected by its undertakings. Contracts to supply goods or services will only be awarded to contractors who can satisfy the Council requirements in terms of resources required and their health and safety competence.

    Successful contractors/suppliers are expected to demonstrate compliance with current health and safety legislation including:

    A commitment to the health and safety of its employees, clients and others

    Up to date health and safety policies and procedures

    Adequate risk assessment procedures

    An adequate system of monitoring and reporting accidents, incidents and ill-health

    Access to competent health and safety advice

    Contracts are monitored to ensure compliance with contract standards and health and safety requirements.

    For further information contact 01748 829100


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