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The Council's financial and management accounting and Treasury Management functions are delivered by the Finance & Improvement Team. 

Financial Accounting Information

Statement of Accounts for Richmondshire District Council over the last 6 years

Public inspection notice RDC 2016-17 pdfPublic Inspection Notice 2016-17
Statement of Accounts 2016-17 pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-16-17.pdf
Statement of Accounts 2015-16 pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-15-16.pdf
Statement of Accounts 2014-15 pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-14-15.pdf
Statement of Accounts 2013-14 pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-13-14.pdf
Statement of Accounts 2012-13               pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-12-13.pdf                 
Statement of Accounts 2011-12 pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-11-12.pdf
Statement of Accounts 2010-11 pdfrdc-statement-of-accounts-10-11.pdf
RDC Financial Procedure Rules pdfFinancial Procedure Rules

Audit and Governance

External and Internal auditor reports presented to the Council's Audit, Governance and Standards Committee can be read by clicking on the attached link Click here

Counter Fraud and Corruption

There is a public expectation that people who work in public bodies, such as local authorities, are expected to observe the highest principles of conduct in providing services and carrying out day to day activities for and on behalf of the community.

The Council has a Counter Fraud and Corruption Strategy statement which can be read by clicking the attached pdfClick here

Management Accounting Information

The Council structure involves a single policy committee, called the Corporate Board (Previously Strategy Board), consisting of thirteen Councillors. Members of the Board work collectively in making decisions, meaning no Councillor has any individual decision-making powers outside of the Board.

The following links below will provide you with relevant papers that were subject to Corporate Board / Strategy Board approval. This includes such decisions as the annual budget and council tax setting, quarterly performance monitoring and the council's Medium Term Financial Strategy.

2016-17 Corporate Board Agenda, reports and Minutes  Click here
2015-16 Corporate Board Agenda, reports and Minutes  Click here
2014-15 Corporate Board Agenda, reports and Minutes  Click here
2013-14 Strategy Board Agenda, reports and Minutes     Click here
2012-13 Strategy Board Agenda, reports and Minutes  Click here
2011-12 Strategy Board Agenda, reports and Minutes  Click here
2010-11 Strategy Board Agenda, reports and Minutes  Click here

Key Management Accounting Documentation

Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) 2014/15 to 2017/18 pdfClick here  
Budget and Council Tax Setting 2014-15 pdfClick here
Budget and Council Tax Setting 2015-16 pdfClick here
Budget and Council Tax Setting 2016-17 pdfClick here

Treasury Management

The Council is required to operate a balanced budget, which broadly means that cash raised during the year will meet cash expenditure.  Part of the treasury management operation is to ensure that this cash flow is adequately planned, with cash being available when it is needed.  Surplus monies are invested in low risk counterparties or instruments commensurate with the Council’s low risk appetite, providing adequate liquidity initially before considering investment return

The second main function of the treasury management service is the funding of the Council’s capital plans.  These capital plans provide a guide to the borrowing need of the Council, essentially the longer term cash flow planning to ensure that the Council can meet its capital spending obligations.  This management of longer term cash may involve arranging long or short term loans, or using longer term cash flow surpluses.   On occasion any debt previously drawn may be restructured to meet Council risk or cost objectives.

Treasury Management Strategy 13-14      pdfTM_Strategy 2013-14                                           
Treasury Management Strategy 14-15 pdfTM Strategy 2014-15
Treasury Management Strategy 15-16 pdfTM Strategy 2015-16
Treasury Management Strategy 16-17 pdfTM Strategy 2016-17

One of our objectives is to present financial information in the clearest and most effective way (within the limitations imposed by Government legislation and the accounting standards).

Finance & improvement are keen to hear what you think about the content and format of these documents.
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