Richmondshire District Council's Constitution

What is in the Constitution?
There are 6 parts associated with the Constitution.  To view these parts please click on the links below:
Part 1           pdfSummary and Explanation
Part 2 pdfArticles of the Constitution
Article 1 - The Constitution
Article 2 - Members of the Council
Article 3 - Citizens of the Council
Article 4 - The Full Council
Article 5 - Chairing the Council
Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny Committees
Article 7 - Strategy Board and Other Committees
Article 8 - The Standards Committee
Article 9 - Area Partnerships & Area Committees
Article 10 - Joint Arrangements
Article 11 - Officers
Article 12 - Decision Making
Article 13 - Finance, Contract and Legal Matters
Article 14 - Review and Revision of the Constitution
Article 15 - Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution
Article 16 - Corporate Board Spokespersons
Article 17 - Appointments to Outside Bodies
Schedule 1 - Description of Alternative Arrangements
Schedule 2 - Roles and Responsibilities of Members
Schedule 3 - List of Strategy Board Spokesperson Themes
Schedule 4 - Outside Bodies Details
Part 3 pdfResponsibility for Functions
Scheme of Delegation to Officers
Scheme of Delegation to Officers - Exemption Protocol
Part 4 pdfRules of Procedure
Part A - Council and Committee Procedure Rules
Part B - Specific Committee Procedure Rules
Part C - Access to Information Procedure Rules
Part D - Budget and Policy Framework
Part E - Scrutiny Procedure Rules
Part F - Financial Procedure Rules
Part G - Contract Procedure Rules
Part H - Officer Employment Procedure Rules
Part I - Substitution Procedure Rules
Part J - key Decisions and Forward Plan Rules
Part 5 pdfCodes and Protocols
Members Code of Conduct
Member/Officer Relations Protocol
Officer Code of Conduct
Petition Scheme
Planning Committee Site Visit Protocol
Part 6 pdfMembers Scheme of Allowances