Freedom of Information

FOI Disclosure Log September 2016

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Ref No


Response Date


 4376  Aggressive Dogs    Aggressive Dogs
 4377   Anti Social Behavior    Anti Social Behavior
 4378   Education    Education
 4379   NNDR Info    NNDR Info
 4380   Parking Contracts    Parking Contracts
 4381   Care Contracts    Care Contracts
 4382   Paper Info    Paper Info
 4383   Disciplinary    Disciplinary
 4384   Domestic Abuse    Domestic Abuse
 4385   NNDR Info    NNDR Info
 4386   Smoking Ban    Smoking Ban
 4387   NNDR Info    NNDR Info
 4388   NNDR Info    NNDR Info
 4389   Property Guardians    Property Guardians
 4390   Contracts    Contracts
 4391   Electoral Role Sales    Electoral Role Sales
 4392   Ward Size    Ward Size
 4393   Military Reservists    Military Reservists
 4394   Direct Payments SS    Direct Payments SS
 4395  Payments to Welcome to Yorkshire    Payments to Welcome to Yorkshire
 4396   Children's Services    Children's Services
 4397   HMO    HMO
 4398   Company Info    Company Info
 4399   Post-Mortem    Post-Mortem
 4400   No next of kin    No next of kin
 4401   HMO Planning    HMO Planning
 4402   Empty Homes    Empty Homes
 4403   NNDR Info    NNDR Info
 4404  CPO's    CPO's
 4405  Prequalified Suppliers list    Prequalified Suppliers list
 4406  Planning Info    Planning Info
 4407  Traveller Info    Traveller Info
 4408  Food register    Food register
 4409   Contract info    Contract info
 4410  No next of kin    No next of kin
 4411  Schools    Schools
 4412   No next of kin    No next of kin
 4413  Children's Services    Children's Services
 4414  Zoo Licences    Zoo Licences
 4415  Stray Dogs    Stray Dogs
 4416  No next of kin    No next of kin
 4417  Dwellings in Richmondshire    Dwellings in Richmondshire
 4418  Contract Info     Contract Info
 4419  Public Health Funerals    Public Health Funerals

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