Referendums are becoming an increasing feature of UK democracy.  In 2004 a referendum on an elected Regional Assembly for the North East was held but the proposal was rejected.  It is presently unclear if or when further referedums of this type might take place.


Referendum on the United Kingdom's Membership of the European Union - 23 June 2016

The Richmondshire Result was as followed:

Votes for Leave: 15,691

Votes for Remain: 11,945

Turnout: 75.2%

The Yorkshire and the Humber Region Result was as followed:

Votes for Leave: 1,580,937

Votes for Remain: 1,158,298

Turnout: 70.7%

For a detailed breakdown of the results for both nation as a whole and the Yorkshire and the Humber region, please visit the Electoral Commission's EU referendum results page (external link)


United Kingdom Parliamentary Elections Referendum

A UK wide referendum on the Parliamentary voting system used to elect MPs took place on 5 May 2011.

Voting area: Richmondshire (Yorkshire and the Humber)

Yes: 4,088
Total votes 'Yes': 25.41%
 No: 12,002
Total votes 'No': 74.59%
Total electoral size: 34,488
Turnout: 16,187
Turnout as a percentage: 46.94%
Number of valid votes cast: 16,090
Number of spoilt ballots: 97
Spoilt ballots as a percentage: 0.60%

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