Proxy Votes

A proxy voter is some who votes on your behalf, if you are unable to get to the polling station on the day of the election.


Who can apply for a proxy vote?

Anyone aged 18 or over, and who is on the electoral register can apply for a proxy vote.


How can I apply for a proxy vote? 

If you would like to apply for proxy vote send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you an application form or download a form by clicking here.

You will need to give your date of birth and signature on the application form, together with a reason for the application and the relationship of the proxy to you (if any).

Any new proxy vote application must be completed and returned to the office no later than 5pm, six working days before an election.


How does the proxy vote for me?

Onve you have appointed your proxy, you must inform them who you wish to vote for.  They then go to your normal polling station and request the ballot paper on your behalf and cast your vote.


Emergency Proxy Vote

There was a provision in the Representation of the People (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2006 to allow electors to apply for an emergency proxy vote for reasons of physical incapacity and could not have made an application before the last day to apply for a proxy vote.

An application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

The emergency proxy application must be delivered to the Electoral Team, Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond, DL10 4JX to be processed.  A certificate will be issued to valid applications to enable the proxy to vote at the official polling station.


Absent Vote Refresh

Absent voters (people who vote by post or proxy) are required to provide a signature and their date of birth when they first apply for an absent vote.  These are known as 'personal identitifies'.

At election time, ballot papers are posted out to absent voters, together with a postal vote statement.  In order to vote, each absent voter must complete and return the postal vote statement by providing their signature and date of birth, along with their completed ballot paper.  The signature and date of birth are then checked against the signature and date of birth provided on the original application to ensure that they match.  This is to prevent electoral fraud.

You must provide an updated signature every five years, as signatures can change over time.

Each January, we are legally require to write to all absent voters whose signatures are more than five years old, requesting that they complete an application form and provide a fresh signature.

If we do not receive a response after six weeks your postal/proxy vote will be cancelled.  You will still be able to vote in person at a polling station, or you can request to vote by postal/proxy vote again.