Overview and Scrutiny at Richmondshire District Council

Overview and Scrutiny is part of the process of checks and balances that ensures the Council is delivery on its promises.  It also has a role in looking at how other public services are delivering in Richmondshire. 

The 4 main areas of Overview and Scrutiny are:
What Overview and Scrutiny aims to do:

What can Overview and Scrutiny lead to?

Guidance Booklet

The scrutiny office has produced a guidance booklet to provide the tools to offer effective scrutiny for the District of Richmondshire. Within this guide, you will find information on how scrutiny is arranged, the process of scrutiny and useful hints and tips on effective scrutiny.

Overview and Scrutiny Work Programme 

The Overview and Scrutiny Committees have an annual work programme which is regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the concerns of local people.

Formal Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings are open to the public. They are usually held at the Council Offices, Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond but sometimes go out to external venues.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees also work in an informal way by means of Task Groups and Review Groups and whilst working informally they can make site visits, go out into the district to engage with the residents, carry out surveys etc. to gather information to enable them to reach conclusions on internal or external matters. They can then for conclusions and make recommendations for improvement which they take formally to the Corporate Board or Council or pass to the external organisations that have been looked at.
Part of the work of scrutiny involves carrying out reviews, sometimes they are quite lengthy and in depth and other times they are fairly short and concise. They can be on internal or external topics. Members of the public can be co-opted by the Committee to assist with their reviews if they have a special knowledge or interest in the topic of review, as can experts on that particular area.
The Government has given Overview and Scrutiny Committees a wide brief, allowing then to look at any issues that affect the local area and the quality of life of local people.
If you think there are issues or services that would benefit from further scrutiny, then please click here to complete a Have your Say form or alternatively contact:
Democratic Services Team
Richmondshire District Council
Mercury House
Station Road
North Yorkshire 
DL10 4JX
Tel: 01748 829100 Ext. 44015/44016 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Members of Overview & Scrutiny Committee 1 (Internal Scrutiny)
Councillor Bev Partridge (Chairman)
Councillor Jamie Cameron (Vice-Chairman)
Councillor John Amsden
Councillor Paul Cullen
Councillor Louise Dickens
Councillor Susan Fairhurst
Councillor Sam Gibbs
Councillor William Heslop
Councillor Russell Lord
Councillor Richard Ormston
Councillor Caroline Thornton-Berry
Councillor Simon Young
Members of Overview & Scrutiny Committee 2 (External Scrutiny)
Councillor Richard Blows (Chairman)
Councillor Pat Middlemiss (Vice-Chairman)
Councillor Jamie Cameron
Councillor Campbell Dawson
Councillor Danny Gill
Councillor William Heslop
Councillor Lorraine Hodgson
Councillor Geoffrey Linehan
Councillor Karin Sedgwick
Councillor Stephen Wyrill