Council Meetings - Agendas, Minutes and Reports

The Council structure involves a single policy committee, called the Corporate Board, consisting of eleven Councillors. The Board is appointed on the basis of political proportionality - that is, each political group is allocated a number of places based on its size.

Members of the Board work collectively in making decisions, meaning no Councillor has any individual decision-making powers outside of the Board.

The Full Council is responsible for the authority's overall policy framework and budget. In addition, Councillors not on the Board play a crucial role in scrutinising and monitoring its decisions, through Overview and Scrutiny committees.

There are also a number of other committees: Audit, Governance and Standards; Licensing and Planning.

Every meeting of the Council and its committees, including the Corporate Board, is open to the press and public. You can submit a question to most Council meetings, click here to find out how to do this.