Declaration of Interest

Register of Members Interests

All members of the Council and Town/Parish Councils within the District are required by law to register certain financial (known as 'Pecuniary Interests') and other interests.

Members of both the District and Town/Parish Councils are required within 28 days of becoming a Member to complete a Registration of Financial and Personal Interests form.

The interests that Members of the Council are required to register relate to the following for themselves and their partners/spouses:

Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
Corporate Tenancies

In addition Members of the District Council are required to register other interests which relate to Membership of Other Organisations/Pressure Groups.

The Registers are available for inspection by clicking on the individual names listed below.

The Register of Interests for the District Council is maintained by the Council's Monitoring Officer and is available for inspection at Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4JX. Please contact Democratic Services on 01748 829100 Exts 44013/44014/44015/44016 to make arrangements.