Honorary Alderman of Richmondshire District Council

The position of Honorary Alderman is non-political and does not confer any special powers on the person, but is intended to acknowledge the eminent services of past Members of the Council. 


Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972 provides that the title of Honorary Alderman can be conferred on 'persons who have, in the opinion of the Council rendered eminent services to the Council as past members of that Council, but who are not then Councillors of the Council'. 


The following criteria is used when considering conferring the title of Honorary Alderman:

  • The person being considered no longer holds a position of Councillor
  • The person must have rendered eminent services to the District for 20 year or more.
  • The person must have made a significant contribution to the Council and the people it represents.

The Council may, by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the voting Members present at the meeting of Council, confer the title of Honorary Alderman on an individual based on the above criteria.

At the conferment ceremony, the newly appointed Honorary Alderman is presented with a testmonial scroll.

  • To enjoy the courtesy title of "Alderman" and to be so addressed.
  • To receive a copy of each Council Summons.
  • To attend, as a spectator meetings of the Council.
  • To receive invitations to all Civic and Social events to which Members of the Council are being invited.
  • To walk in Civic Processions in a position immediately senior to serving Members (excluding the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council).  
  • To be accorded the same honours on death by way of a Civic Funeral as would apply in the case of a serving Member of the District Council.

Honorary Alderman shall not, have the right to influence meetings of the Council or a committee of the Council or to receive any allowance or other payment under the Members' Allowance Scheme.

List of Alderman
Alderman Date Conferred
R J Gill Esq* September 1976
N G Forster Esq* July 1979
Mrs B Cherry MBE* August 1991
E W Collins Esq MBE AE* August 1991
C W C Watson Esq* August 1991
Mrs M M Rothwell* May 1996
A F P Abraham Esq JP MA May 1996
R V Cross Esq MA May 1996
K Jones Esq* December 1999
J R Abraham Esq* December 1999
Mrs K M Carr JP* December 2003
Mrs G Buckle* December 2003
Mrs S Golding December 2003
J K Gill Esq February 2008
Mrs L Miller February 2008
R Alderson Esq November 2011
J J Fryer Esq November 2011
M Heseltine Esq* November 2011

* Deceased


Meeting Agenda

Tue Dec 05 @ 2:00PM -
Licensing Hearing Sub-Committee
Tue Dec 05 @ 6:30PM -
Planning Committee
Wed Dec 06 @ 6:30PM -
Central Area Partnership Meeting
Tue Dec 12 @ 6:30PM -
Tue Jan 09 @ 6:30PM -
Planning Committee

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