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Lets Grow Programme

Looking for additional funds to combine alongside your other investments?

The Let’s Grow Programme provides grants of between £25,000 and £1m to cover up to 20 per cent of your costs to invest, expand your business and create jobs.  Let’s Grow is funded by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund and is managed by BE Group in partnership with Clive Owen LLP.

Who can apply?

SMEs that are based in York, North Yorkshire or the East Riding or are planning to invest there.

What will Let’s Grow funding contribute towards?

  • Capital investment in land, buildings, plant, machinery and equipment 
  • Where you do not have a capital expenditure cost, we may be able to support the salaries of new employees – please contact us to discuss.

Am I eligible?

To receive funding you must be planning to spend at least £125,000 on eligible activity.  You must also:

  • Create or safeguard permanent jobs in York, North Yorkshire or the East Riding
  • Offer good value for money in terms of value of grant per job created
  • Make a clear case for needing grant support
  • Have adequate private sector funding for the project
  • Comply with State Aid regulations

How to apply

Eligible businesses can apply at any time while funding is available. To apply visit


Yorkshire Dales Leader Programme


Micro and Small Enterprise Capital Grant Scheme

Grant to support establishing a new rural business and/or growing or expanding an existing rural micro or small business

Deadline for submissions 25th July 2016 at 17:00

Min/Max £2500 to £35000


Yorkshire Dales Capital Tourism Grant

Grant to support new job creation and employment opportunities, improvements to the profitability of rural business and/or encouraging collaboration between enterprises.

Deadline for submissions 25th July 2016 at 17:00

Min/Max £2500 to £35000


Upland Farm Capital Grant Scheme

Grant to support innovation, entrepreneurial activity and diversification, the development of small scale bio/renewable energy generating capacity and the development of farming businesses through collaboration, added value local product, new technology and research

Deadline for submissions 25th July 2016 at 17:00

Min/Max £2500 to £35000


Forestry Capital Grant Scheme

Grants to support investments in the bioenergy supply chains

Deadline for submissions 25th July 2016 at 17:00

Min/Max £2500 to £35000


Integrated Rural Mobility

Grant to support innovative and flexible rural transport solutions that are demand responsive, intermodal and multipurpose.

Dealine for submissions 25th July 2016 17:00

Min/Max £5,000 to £90,000


If you need any further information please contact the programme administrator Rima Berry on 01524 251 002 or following the link  


Grant Finders

A summary of grants available in our region can be found at or by clicking on the following link


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