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Grave Type Information

We appreciate that during this difficult time you will have to make important decisions about the cemetery and grave you want for the funeral.

What types of graves are available?

Lawn Graves

The typical lawn grave is a grave that is laid to lawn level with the ground with no kerbs and has no mounds or surrounds. At the head of the grave the registered owner may install a headstone and vase. The headstone can be bought from the monumental mason of your choice. The grave owner is responsible for looking after the area around the headstone. In front of the headstone is a planting out area (2'6" x 2'). The area in front of the headstone and garden space is levelled, turfed and maintained by the Council.
Memorials on lawn graves must be made of marble, granite or a natural stone. You may put a vase plate that is no more than 2 feet wide by 12 inches deep by 2 inches thick in front of the headstone. Vase plates must be freestanding and not fixed to the headstone in any way. Grave owners are advised to have the grave number inscribed onm the vase plate and make sure that the number can be seen. This type of grave also has a small garden space where you can plant flowers.


Lawn Grave with Kerb Surround

The Council will permit kerbs to be placed around graves in the lawn section, providing the registered owner signs an agreement to be responsible for future maintenance of the grave, kerbed surround and a minimum of 50cm around the kerbed surround. This is to assist the Council with overall maintenance of the cemetery that is more problematic where there are kerbed surrounds.

Traditional Graves

Traditional graves have a concrete landing that is put over the entire grave after the burial. In the traditional grave the landing is placed directly on the ground. The owner of the Rights of Burial can have a memorial put on this landing.
All memorials on traditional graves must be securely fixed on the landing. Traditional grave, part constructed 8' x 3'6" Before the concrete landing is installed, the grave is excavated to a depth of 2'6" and a course of brickwork is provided as a solid foundation. This allows a substantial memorial to be provided and there is no danger of later subsidence.


We know how important memorials are as a lasting symbol of remembrance.
We offer technical advice and help to make sure that all memorials meet cemetery regulations.

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