Hackney and Private Hire

The Immigration Act 2016 will shortly introduce a number of changes to taxi legislation affecting both hackney carriage and private hire vehicle drivers and private hire vehicle operators.

Under provisions of the Immigration Act 2016 which comes into force on 1 December 2016, Richmondshire District Council will be unable, from that date, to grant a hackney carriage driver or private hire car driver licence to any person unless a check has first been made to verify that the person is not disqualified by reason of his or her immigration status from driving a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.

This will mean that all applicants for hackney carriage or private hire vehicle driver licences, including UK passport holders, will require to attend their nearest licensing office in person with original documents (passport or other acceptable documents) demonstrating that they have the right to work in the UK.

Licensing staff will require to check the validity of the original documents in the presence of the applicant before the licence can be issued and the Council is required to retain copies.

In addition to relevant checks to establish whether a person is a’ fit and proper’ person, local authorities will not be able to grant a driver or operator’s licence unless they are satisfied an applicant has the right to remain and work in the United Kingdom.

Whilst local authorities are able to grant such licences to persons who are subject to immigration control and only have a limited time to remain in the UK, they can only be granted for a specified period and that period must end at or before the period of permission to remain.

For further information, please see: Home Office factsheet: Illegal working (PDF)

Hackney Carriage Vehicle

A hackney carriage is a public transport vehicle with no more than 8 passenger seats, which is licensed to ply for hire. This means that it may stand at ranks or be hailed in the street by members of the public.

Private Hire Vehicle

A private hire vehicle is one 'provided with a driver for hire and reward which must be pre-booked from a licensed operator' and can have up to 8 passenger seats. This means that they can only be hired by telephone bookings or by going to the operator’s office in person. Fares are set by the company’s meter or quoted in advance.
Anyone who wishes to operate one or more private hire vehicles will need:
  • an operator's licence
  • a vehicle licence
  • a joint driver’s licence.
Vehicles used solely for weddings and funerals are exempt.
It is illegal to try and hire a private hire vehicle on the street and passengers wouldn't be insured for their journey.
They can’t have any wording which includes the word taxi, cab or the like but they can have the name and phone number of the firm printed on the vehicle.
They must carry signs on the front doors of the vehicle signs saying Private Hire Advanced Bookings Only.

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