Health and safety at work - advice and training

Most people know that whilst you are at work your employer must provide a safe and healthy environment. In addition to their responsibility to employees businesses also have a duty to ensure that the safety of customers and visitors is protected.

Our approach to Health and Safety is similar to Food Safety and Hygiene. We visit workplaces to ensure that working conditions comply with the relevant standards. We again use a risk based inspection system and have a Health and Safety at Work Enforcement Policy, a copy of which can be obtained on request.

Whilst we share the role of enforcement with the Health and Safety Executive if you are uncertain who you should be talking to we will act as the first point of contact on any Health and Safety issue. If you, a member of your family or a friend have concerns about their place of work or are injured at work then contact us. We will respect any concerns about confidentiality however if you have been injured we may have to discuss the specific instance. If as a customer you have been injured or you feel that your or others safety is at risk then please let us know. At the risk of repeating ourselves if we don't know we can't do anything.

Ignoring risks to employees and the public can be costly in terms of human suffering and direct costs to businesses. The intention of health and safety enforcement is to reduce work-related ill health and accidents, and to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees, and also to safeguard others, principally the public, who may be exposed to risks from the way work is carried out. The purpose of this service is to ensure that duty holders manage and control risks effectively, thus preventing harm. The Council uses a risk based approach through a combination of inspection of workplaces and work activities, investigation of incidents and complaints, provision of advice on a number of topics including asbestos, promotion of health and safety issues, and also by responding to requests for service.
•A link to the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) website which provides free information leaflets on a variety of topics -
•Carry out a risk assessment on line for the hazardous substances you use at work. A HSE sponsored site -
•Try this HSE/BIBA sponsored website if you want to know how your business is performing in health and safety -
•OPSI - Government website for legislation -
•The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health website provides information on training courses/qualifications for health and safety -
•Find a training course for health and safety -
•Use this website for notifying accidents or dangerous occurrences -

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